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Ways to tell if your bites are from bed bugs or other insects

A good night’s sleep must make you feel all refreshed and ready to rock the whole day. But instead, if you woke up feeling red and itchy with bites all over your body, then we are sure, it’s not a great morning for you.

The most common reason for bites can be bed bugs or mosquitoes. But how to differentiate between bed bugs bites from other insects? In this article, we will give you a few ways to understand whether your bites are from bed bugs or not? Bed bugs infestation can cause a serious problem if left untreated. Knowing what had caused you the bite, will help you in eradicating the cause of it. 

But, first, a few facts that you must know about bed bugs.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish blood-sucking insects that usually crawl out at night. They feed only on blood, mostly humans and some warm-blooded animals. They dwell in cracks and crevices on the bed and come out at night to bite the exposed skin to feed blood. Bed bugs have never known to carry any disease-causing organisms.

Ways to tell if you are bit by bed bugs

  • Bed bugs bite in the area of your body that meets the mattress. So if you have red itchy bumps in a row or cluster, then it is sure to be from bed bugs
  • Bed bugs bite usually on the exposed skin of your face, arms, neck, etc.
  • Insects like mosquitoes do not bite over the clothes. Only bed bugs can crawl under your cloth and bite.
  • Bed bugs take time to appear on the skin. It can take somewhere between a few minutes, hours to even days.

These were to say about the visual evidence. You can also look for some circumstantial evidence. Check your bed thoroughly. Though they are hard to spot as such, there might be some tiny brown or block spots they leave behind. These are the dried faeces of bed bugs.

Whether it’s a bed bug or any other insect that feeds on your blood, it’s important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Contact a pest control company for complete eradication of these insects from home.