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Why do pests get attracted to our homes?

Why do pests get attracted to our homes

It’s a fact that pests are lured to our homes more than any other places. Our homes are where they easily find food, water and shelter. A house that is old and decluttered will be even attractive to the pests. Though there are various reasons for pest infestation, poor upkeep on the house is the foremost. The good news is, pest infestation can also be prevented. But first, let’s understand the reason to articulate our actions in the right direction.

Reasons why pest get attracted to our homes

Old homes

As the house ages, wear and tear are bound to happen. Chipping down the paints, cracks in the plaster or insulation, gaps in the wood or sealing, etc, as years pass by, the house starts to wear off its shine. Pest like bugs and rodents easily make use of these depleting signs and infest the house making it even worse. It is important to pay special heed to your home if its old by weatherproofing, sealing or patching up the cracks and carrying out other maintenance steps to keep the house pest-free.

Basement/cellar humidity

The presence of moisture in your basement or cellar can make it attractive for the insect and rodents to thrive. Check for the cause of humidity, it can be a leakage of the drains or a crack on the wall. Find the reason and fix the issues as early as possible to avoid future problems.

Food remnants

Pests invade our homes for food. If they can easily find food remnants on the floor or sink, then this becomes a welcoming sign. So having a practice of throwing the leftover into the trash cans, doing the dishes immediately after eating, washing the surfaces after meals, sealing the trash cans tightly, etc, will keep your homes away from pests.

Poorly maintained garden

Not regular maintenance of your garden area can also invite unwanted guests. A poorly looked after garden can be an easy way to make their entrance to your homes as pests such as rodents can be seen roaming freely in the gardens. One must ensure to prune and cut the grass and plants regularly and take care of the garden to avoid pest infestation.


You may think recycling food waste is the sole purpose of composting. Yes, it truly is, but composting can also allure pests such as rodents and flies. Emptying and sanitizing the compost bin can avoid pest infestation as well as covering the bins with leaves and grass to producing the smell outside.


Organising your home and surroundings can reduce the chance of pest infestation. Pest like clutter as they can hide better, reproduce and keep their offsprings safe. Homeowners must ensure to organise their homes along with gardens to avoid pest infestation.

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