Best Pigeon Repellent Methods - The Ultimate Pigeon Repellent Guide

Pigeons prefer cities and other environments with easily accessible food, water, and appropriate nesting place for raising young. And because they cannot thrive in the wild, they seek out human-populated areas to reside.

Pigeons invade both residential as well as business properties. Sometimes your locality is surrounded by small pigeons and sometimes by big pigeons. The size of the pigeons depends on the living conditions of an area. Though most of the time they only perch and nest around, sometimes pigeons can be a real nuisance for your property and family.

However, the ever-expanding pigeon colonies in urban settings can pose a significant concern when birds infiltrate commercial and residential buildings. The continuous cooing of pigeons in residential areas might be annoying, but their droppings cause potential health and safety issues.

Pigeon droppings on commercial sites collect on railings, seating, ledges, and door handles, risking a slip and fall. It can become a health risk if the dropping s carried into residences, places of business, or hospitals. The pigeons might view your balcony as an ideal place to build their nest.

One of the main problems of pigeons is their destructive droppings that destroy paints, metals, vehicles, and buildings. If you are tiresome with this persistent problem, you might consider the following pigeon removal tips.

How Effective is Pigeon Repellents?

The efficiency of pigeon repellents depends on their ability to adjust to the environment. Some repellents are more effective than others. Many of the repellents had developed for particular areas or models. One should be mindful of what suits their requirements best. The purpose of repellent is to drive the birds away and keep your property safe with minimal effort. Here know everything about all types of pigeon repellents and how efficiently they work.

Types of Pigeon Repellents


Spikes are one of the most common and low-cost pigeon-repellent devices. They are manufactured based on the idea that pigeons would not choose pointed ends to land. The basic structure of the spikes remains the same, but they come in different shapes and materials like stainless steel or plastic. You can also customise the sharpness and bluntness of the spike.


To have the best use of spikes, place them in strategic positions. The strategic positions are the places where you encounter pigeons most of the time. Use the transparent spikes to secure your target locations. Although spike act as an ideal repellent, they would not be enough for large properties like hotels.

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A gel is a sticky semi-liquid. It is spread on the ledges or other boundaries with the caulking gun. Some gels have active ingredients mixed in them that are highly infuriating for pigeons. Once a pigeon land on the gel they get stuck and later avoid that area.


This is a short-term solution for repelling pigeons because the gel quickly dries up and becomes ineffective. Sometimes smaller birds also get stuck there and it becomes a messy situation.



The optical gel is a non-toxic repellent that is safe for the environment and living beings. They are one of the best solutions to keep pigeons away from your residents. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the ability to attack multiple senses of the pigeon. The optical gel dissuades pigeons by triggering more than one sense. As per the manufacturer, the gel emits UV light, which makes it seems like a flame. Also, these repellents are available in pre-filled dishes.


Optical Gel contains citronella and peppermint oil, which are mild and pleasant to humans, but offensive to birds. For the most stubborn birds, Optical Gel is sticky and will annoy any bird that touches or stands on it. The gel dishes are small and easy to install.

This optical gel repellent is made up of citronella and peppermint oil. These ingredients are mild and provide a pleasant sensation to humans but it is also highly nuisance for birds. Not only do they create an optical illusion but combined with an offensive smell it makes the condition worse.



If handled carefully ultrasonic devices are a harmless method against the pigeons. The triple scan technology of the ultrasonic device can sense the presence of birds from a far distance. After sensing their presence, the device emits sound waves which make them go away. The device has many sets of modes of configuration to meet your expectations in every season


Ultrasonic sounds are useful in various locations and they don’t even interfere with human lives. They have basic operational features and a 100% success rate. It is a perfect choice for places where noise scaring is not allowed. The only problem with this device is, that some people are more sensitive to noise. Especially some women and children are sensitive enough to hear ultrasonic sounds and this device can cause them discomfort.



Reflective discs are harmless and aesthetically pleasing pigeon repellent. It is also a versatile device that can be used anywhere. You can hang these discs on windows, near the roof, near the garden, even the car and pool too. The reflect disc set includes reflectors with four or more discs. The best feature about the discs is they can fit into a small space and do not disturb the exterior appearance of your property.


The mirror in the reflective discs reflects the sunlight into the pigeon's eyes and prevents them from invading your place. This device helps to keep the pigeon away without harming them. This is highly effective if you use this device to protect small areas like pools or houses from pigeon dropping. There is only a disadvantage to this device, it can be damaged by a strong wind.



Gas and vapours are usually better suited for big cities and properties. The most common product to repel birds is based on methyl anthranilate. It is widely used in the flavours and cosmetics industry to give fruity scents. This product has a strong odour of grape which can be quite sensitive to birds therefore, they tend to avoid those places. This bird repellent is also used to protect crops and gardens.


For birds, the gas must be present in the air in a fog to be effective. A hazer or fogger is generally used to do this, scattering the oil-based solution into tiny, air-light particles. To release the accurate volume at regular intervals, the foggers are put on timers. Maintaining consistent pressure on target birds promotes success.

Birds are repelled by areas where MA is in the air because it irritates their senses of taste and smell. The difficult part is keeping the MA fog away from where the birds aren't wanted.

How to Keep Pigeons Off Your Property

When working with pest control, your first step should be to determine what is attracting these birds to your property in the first place. Managing pigeon control with this approach will provide you with a strategy that incorporates long-term, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly pest solutions.

Pigeon management can be a difficult task because of the abundance of these birds in cities. But, several changes around your home can make the surroundings less suitable for pigeons. If you require assistance, contact a professional now.