Pest Control

Things to do when you first find out about pest infestation at your home

Our home is our haven. We find comfort, happiness and safety at our home. But what if some unwanted guests try to pester your peace at home? Every year thousands of homeowners complain about pest infestation at their home. Pests infestation, if not treated from the beginning, can lead to a huge mess later. Dealing with pest infestation requires you to understand the type of pest. Here in this article, we are going to make you aware of the signs of pest infestation caused due to some of the common pests such as rats/mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps nest and fleas.

Bed Bugs

These are blood-sucking insects that are so tiny even to spot on. Bed bugs due to their immensely smaller size can be difficult to eradicate, as one may not know what type of pest infestation is it. The only possible thing here is to understand their signs of infestation and then take appropriate actions.

Bed bugs infestation- Signs to watch out for

  • Look out for bloodstains. Bed bugs exude some of the blood they consume. So if you find bloodstains on your sofa, bed sheets or mattress. There could be some bed bugs lurking around.
  • Bed bugs may not be visible but their faecal stains are. If you spot black stains on your sheets or mattress, there are high chances of bed bugs infestation.
  • One of the prominent signs of bed bug infestation are bites on your body. Bed bugs bites appear to be red, itchy and in clusters.
  • Bed bugs lay eggs at the place of infestation. So finding eggshells is also one of the evident signs of bed bugs infestation.

Bed Bugs infestation- Things to do when you first find out

  • First off, don’t panic and throw away the mattress or move your furniture. If you think that getting rid of the infested bed or furniture will help, then this is going to increase the problem even further.
  • Do not sleep in the other room as the hungry bed bugs will roam around your home in search of blood causing other areas to get infested.
  • Clean the sheets, clothes and mattress covers by washing them over 60°C temperature.
  • DIY treatments may not work always as it requires a thorough knowledge of the nature of these bed bugs. So it’s always advisable to hire a professional bed bug control service.


Wasps are known to be dangerous for their aggressive behaviour. They create nests for collecting food and sting people who try to disturb it. Wasp nests can be seen under the trees, in the bushes, in-wall cavies, under eaves, and also in sheds or garages.

Wasps – Signs to watch out for
There is no other evident sign than seeing wasps themselves. If you see a group of wasps at the peak of summer or spring, then there could be a nest somewhere near.

Wasps – Things to do when you first find out

  • Professionals suggest that following the wasps will take you to their nests. That’s how you can locate the nest.
  • Disturbing their nest will be the worst thing you can do. If they get irritated they can attack you so never poke or break their nest.
  • When the queen goes to hibernation in winters, all the wasps leave the nest. Upon assuring that the nest is empty, you can remove the nest as the wasps never return to their old nests.
  • Get the help of a professional pest control company that keeps all the required knowledge to carefully deal with the wasps.


Cockroaches are one of the very common pests found in the homes of people around the world. This household pest gets attracted to our homes for reasons such as food, water and shelter. Roaches can carry germs that can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea and allergies.

Cockroaches- Signs to watch out for

  • Spotting one is the best sign to know a cockroach infestation
  • You can also see their dropping under the sink, inside kitchen cabins, and closed boxes or anywhere they have infested. These droppings look like small black grains which are easily noticeable.
  • Another tangible sign of cockroach infestation is their eggs. They lay around 50 oval-shaped and brown-coloured eggs.

Cockroaches- Things to do when you first find out

  • Find the hiding place of cockroaches. With the signs above it’s easy to spot them.
  • Though cleaning or maintaining hygiene doesn’t mean that you can never have roaches or can get rid of them, it is important to keep your kitchen, floors, countertops and other areas of the house tidy and neat.
  • The cockroach repellent sprays, traps or baits prove to be very effective. You can easily find them in-store or on our website.
  • If your cockroach infestation is beyond your control, then never hesitate to reach out to a pest control specialist.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are tiny critters that can become pests, invading our homes and properties. Rodents mostly dwell near humans as they get their necessities such as food, shelter and water without much wandering. Rodent infestation can not only lead to grave damages to our properties but also carry disease-causing germs that are known to be fatal to human beings.

Rats and Mice- Signs to watch out for

  • In areas where rats or mice dwell they can leave their droppings.
  • Rats scratch the wall at night so if you hear scratching sounds, it’s an obvious sign.
  • Grinding or squeaking noises
  • Chewed items such as electric wires, wood or paper
  • Rats leave urine almost everywhere they travel. So rat urine smell is a sign too.
  • Rat nests is also an evident sign

Rats and Mice- Things to do when you first find out

  • Check for holes, cracks or other openings around and inside your house. This could be their entry/exit point.
  • Seal those entry holes with cement, plaster or through steel repairs.
  • Keep snap traps in the areas where they frequent the most.
  • Set more traps until you stop getting the signs of their infestation such as dropping, squeaking or scratching noises.
  • Never use rat poison. It can worsen the situation as the rats can die in the most difficult and inaccessible locations, creating further nuisance such as horrible stink from wall or attic from decomposing.
  • Call a pest control company if the rat and mice infestation is beyond your control.

We hope these tips will help you in taking the first necessary steps to control pests. Help us know if you need more tips to deal with the pest at your home.