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How to install bird spikes on roof | roof spikes for birds

How To Install Bird Spikes On Roof ? | Roof Spikes For Birds

How birds are a menace to our property?

Birds, even though very gorgeous, can be an immense menace to your resident, neighbourhood, or industrial property. Birds become a threat especially when they are in a group. Birds like a pigeon in a group can cause great harm. Damages caused by pest birds include ruining vehicles and buildings by their dropping.
It is a common sight that abandoned places are covered with faeces and stench. If you let your resident or business building go unchecked, the same might happen to your property. Cleaning this causes a huge lot of cash and manpower to make them look new and well maintained. It is better to avoid this extra cost by simply installing bird spikes on the roof as preventative measures that will protect your house.

Birds Can Also Be A Pest

The major issue associated with birds is their droppings and the nest they build around your residents. All the birds that cause you unnecessary problems are pests birds, but common pests birds are pigeons, sparrows, gulls, and starlings. These birds do not bother much about building a shelter or searching for food,

they usually occupy spaces that can easily shelter them and have potential food sources available. Many birds end up in a colony near your residence even if your area does not support them. This colony of birds causes collateral problems like the noises they make and unhygienic habits. It also makes your property look unpleasant to your friends and colleagues. A colony of birds can cause major harm by spreading respiratory diseases. One of the diseases is pneumonia which people with respiratory problems should be aware of. As mentioned above that these birds are unhygienic they also carry ticks and mites with themselves. These pests can be easily passed into your home and cause you health-related troubles.

Damage Caused By Seagulls and Pigeons

1. Droppings On Roof

The droppings of these birds are typically acidic. If it makes contact with any item it slowly corrodes it. If they fall on your roof it eats away the tar roofing material. These droppings by the colony of the birds get accumulated on the roof of your house and gradually corrode the material you have applied to the roof. This process will eventually become the cause of leakage in your home. If this process goes unexamined and continued for a long time it will reduce the life expectancy of your roof by half. Bird spikes on the roof prevent the birds from getting access to your roof and guard your home.

2. Damage by Bird Nests On Roof

Generally, pigeons, sparrows, and gulls built their nest in wet places like rain gutters. near drains, and around the corner of the roof where water gets collected and drains are closely located. Many warehouses and properties suffer great destruction of their roof every year. What happens is the drainage system gets blocked because of their nest and the water keeps on rising. The water rises till it reaches the peak level, then it destroys the material and the roof collapses. The collapsed roof can cause severe injury to the people near it as well as damage that place.

3. Damage to the Machineries

The bird’s droppings are quite acidic. If these birds drop they often fall on machines that operate outside of the houses and property such as air conditions, industrial machines, insulation, etc. The continuous accumulation of these droppings not only affects the machine and equipment itself but also puts the people working there and living their life in danger. It causes harm to both man and machine which later become highly expensive to manage.

4. Ventilation And Chimneys Blocked by Bird Nests

Birds choose high spots to build their nest. This is in everyone’s knowledge but they also tend to build their nest in chimneys and ventilations for their isolated nature and warmth. This place is also close to any food source nearby them. But not only their nests can spread some nasty diseases but it also blocks the flow of the air passing in and out of the property. This blockage of air can become a great threat to your family and close ones. By installing bird spikes on the roof you can get rid of these pests.

5. Damage to Food and Other Products Caused by Bird Droppings

Birds that are flying around the big industry and manufacturing sites easily can cause huge havoc to the business. If they somehow get access to the inside of the factories, convention centres, and warehouses it becomes nearly impossible to get rid of them. They can ruin the plastic where it is moulding and is unsupervised. They can ruin several chemicals with their droppings because chemicals are highly sensitive to them.

Most of all they can damage or contaminate the food that has been packed for transportation. These ruined products cause a huge waste of money and manpower.

It can also put your image and the representation of your business in a bad light. The nest around your property and droppings nearby indicate poor management and lack of cleanliness practice by your team. For example, people would rather go to a restaurant that has a clean and green environment than a restaurant that is surrounded by birds and its dropping.

How can bird spikes help?

The bird spikes on the roof can be also installed on any elevated areas such as chimneys, gazebos, and even near dish TV antenna, towers, support structures, posts, gangways, curved surfaces, or any area being contaminated with bird droppings. This kit works for various types of pest birds such as pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, grackles, seagulls, swallows, bats, and even some small climbing animals. It does not kill them, just keeps them at bay and protects your property.

These Bird spikes and Pigeon repellent spikes are a deterrent for all types of birds within 5 Metres radius.

Feature of our bird spikes

This Pack includes 5m ready assembled strips, UV stabilised polycarbonate plastic Stops, all types of birds, pigeons, crows, seagulls, and similar sized birds.

  • It is stainless steel bird spikes
  • This device is a promised durable Pigeon Repellent
  • Has easy setup and removal of bird spikes
  • Keeps Pests bird away around 5 metres from it has been installed

We Provide two Methods To Assemble Bird Spikes

  1. Pre Assembled bird spike
    This equipment is pre-assembled thus, saving the time you take in installing and putting them together. It has been designed keeping this in mind so that you can put our bird spikes right into action without wasting any time in assembling and installing it.
  2. Un-assembled bird spikes
    This equipment is where you can show your creativity and give shape and design to the bird spike as per your requirement. You can easily refer to DIY videos and protect your house from all kinds of bird attacks.

How to install our bird spikes?

1.Clean the area before installing bird spikes.

2.Wear protective equipment like face mask, gloves, and have EPA disinfectant solution.

3.Choose the suitable bird spike:

  • One row bird spike- install on perimeters of gutter.
  • Two row bird spike- It covers a long distance and has a height of four inches. Install it for boundaries.
  • Three row bird spikes- It covers six inches of the ledge. Can be installed on the roof.
  • Five row bird spike- It covers a distance of 8 inches and can be a great advantage if used for protecting windows

4.Select the tool for installation. It depends on the material of the spikes. On wooden and concrete areas you can use screws and on surfaces made of plastic you can use glue and clamps.

5.Glue or attach the bird spikes on the surface. First preference is to protect the front face of the surface by the bird spikes. Ensure to fill all the gaps. After a bird is caught on this spike, immediately replace it.

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