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Are Bird Spikes for Roof Effective On Pigeons? Get Rid of Pigeons

Bird spikes for roof
Pigeons are everywhere and they suck. They can be found everywhere, on the roof of almost all buildings and homes. Pigeons create a lot of noise and mess around damaging your roofs. Their faeces can be gross that carry a lot of diseases causing germs as well. So to deal with this menace, you can either try some steps on your own or call for professional help.

Some Do-It-Yourself Steps To Get Rid of Pigeons

  • Get rid of any food, water or other attractive things
    Food and water in a bird feeder or birdbath .clearly attract pigeons. Though you may have kept it for some nice birds, once found by pigeons, you are certainly luring a whole lot of them. Another source of food and water can be the dog or cat bowl or even the plants with edible fruits, seeds or nuts. So the first approach should be to remove any kind of food and water sources from your roofs.
  • Bird spikes for roof
  • Try scaring them
    Can you get rid of pigeons by installing a scarecrow or large fake owl? Yes and No. Scaring is a great way to get rid of the pigeons but temporarily. For some putting some reflective tapes or decoy statues of birds of prey have helped. Though initial success can be promised since these pigeons are quite smart. As they see such objects staying still for a long time, they tend to understand that it is harmless and start approaching again, There are so many other ways that people have tried to scare these pesky creatures. Some of them are applying sticky substances on the roof, spraying water, applying spices on the roof, installing an ultrasonic device, etc. But we already know that these DIY remedies are only temporary that may or may not work.
Bird spikes for roof

If Nothing works, Ask for Professional Help

Home remedies can never guarantee a complete cure. The same is the case here. If you think that your pigeon problem is beyond control or causing you a lot of damage then wait no more and call for professional help. Now, how do professionals deal with such pests? Let’s take a look at the common techniques that professional pest experts use:

  • Bird Spikes For Roof– A humane method to get rid of pigeons from your roof. These spikes are attached to a linear surface and mostly where these birds prefer to perch. Bird spikes for roof is a highly effective solution that can help with your pigeon infestation problem.
  • Wiring or Netting– Using a netting system the area of concern will be netted. This is a 100% effective method. But also a costlier one.
  • Electric system– Electric deterrent system can also be used wherein the perching areas are electrified hence causing mini shock to the birds when they try to land of the roof. Please note that birds are not harmed but only deters from coming back to the same area.
Bird spikes for roof

Of all these techniques, the most preferable and humane is the Bird spikes for roof. As it causes no harm to the birds and also frees us from the worry of pigeons invading our roofs.