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How to Help The Rat Stuck In Glue Trap| Steps and Tips

How to Help The Rat Stuck In Glue Trap| Steps and Tips

What Are Glue Traps?

Glue traps are also sometimes known as sticky traps or glue boards for the animal. In this the rat stuck in the glue trap. These traps like all the others have some advantages and some drawbacks. Mostly the clue traps are harmless and low-cost purchases. Also, they do not need any kind of mechanical help to use this. They are practically easy to use and are most effective. It is because of these benefits that the glue traps are recommended by most pest control.

A single drawback of the rat stuck in the glue trap is that this trap does not work immediately. It means that this trap only slows down the rat but the rat is very much alive in this trap. It just gets stuck and tries to release itself. In this process, the rat further harms itself and this whole process has the potential to become messy if not handled carefully. If you are applying a glue trap you have to be ready with the after disposing of method and other procedures. This procedure will be explained in detail below.

Glue traps take time to eliminate the rats and mice because rats stuck in glue traps try to escape from them and further tangle themselves. If your motive is only to catch them and throw them out of your house this method can work well.

Sometimes a rat stuck in a glue trap feels suffocation and chews everywhere to get unstuck. But the glue is tough and they can’t escape it. Once they are caught they are thrown out of the property, but you have to be careful about these animals. With the help of the following steps you can reduce their suffering and you might also prevent it.

Steps To Help The Rat Stuck in The Glue Trap

Essential Supplies – You will require

  • A pair of gloves
  • A dishtowel
  • oil (cooking oil or baby oil)
  • Tissue Box
  • Small damp cloth
  • Cardboard container or any container with proper ventilation.

1. Time to Take Action

Secure the rat body and properly cover its head with the help of a dishtowel. This cloth and gesture will calm the rat. Then wear the gloves and gently massage the parts of the rat stuck in the glue trap. Massage with either cooking oil or baby oil because they are very sensitive to things applied to them. Massage till you feel the rat can easily free itself.

As mentioned, be careful to keep the amount of oil as little as you can. Rats are naturally waterproof, which means they naturally secrete oil on their own so, if you apply more oil there are high chances of their death. Once the rat stuck in the glue trap has been isolated, gently put the tissue on the trap to further prevent the rat from entering and getting stuck.

If it is not possible for you to remove the rat stuck in the glue trap, call a professional. Sometimes rats get injured or can’t move, in these cases it is better to take help or suggestion from a professional.

2. Release the Rat

With the help of a damp cloth wipe any excess oil on the rat body. After cleaning, put the rat inside a protective strong container that has access to the air ventilation. Rats are nocturnal animals and that’s why they prefer darkness. You can drape the dish towel on that container to create darkness. Place the container in a quiet and warm area so that the rat can rest for a few hours. After taking care of it you can release the rat outdoors or you can hand it over to Pest control.

What More You Can Do

  1. Educate And Familiarise Your Family and Children.
  2. Share This Process in your society and community as well.
  3. Go For Humanely Methods to Evict Rodents.

How To Layout Glue Traps?

The basic principle of laying the glue trap is the same as the other kind of rodent trap. The first step is to place the glue board in a manner that is parallel to the regions of the wall where you find the rat activity highest. Or it can be any region that shows the maximum presence of rats. Mice and rats tend to follow the same path and edges of the walls and the intersection of wall and floor.

The second step is to be sure that the place where the glue trap is put has a direct path of their everyday runway and errands. It helps to predict the action of the rats. Place glue traps at several potential locations. For this, the first search for the traces of its nest. rat droppings, or the different marks they leave behind while scurrying your home. Glue traps in any situation must not be placed near an open fire or flame section of your house. First of all, it is harmful to the rats as well as to you too. The heat might kill the rat and then the place where it is killed might become contaminated and trouble you all. For example, if the rat gets stuck in a glue trap and gets killed near the water heater there is a high chance of all your suffering.

The third step is to put in a little amount of food if you’re not getting a good result. Food will attract the rat and it will be trapped in the glue. Remember to place food at night and check for results in the morning.

It is also advisable to not put glue traps in the area of your house where your family member or pet might get stuck. But this situation might limit the area of exposure where rats can easily get caught. You can place the glue board covered with cardboard or plastic. This step will prevent your family members and pets from getting stuck there. The best suggestion would be to use a bait station, it will protect the trap from moisture and dust and will keep the glue trap hidden from humans and pets.

There are multiple ways to trap the rat. You can use the most classic method of trapping the rat with the help of snap traps. It is the old trap you must have seen in the Tom and Jerry cartoon. It is effective but harmful for the rats because it injures them. You can also trap the rats by using a poison trap. It usually comes in a pre-packaged poison station. This station is set in a place where the rat has the potential to come across it, the rat eats the poison and eventually dies. But this trap is quite dangerous for children and pets.

Use our glue trap, which is the best method to get rid of rats and mice. Are there any rodents troubling you? Order a glue trap now!