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How to find and seal off rat entry points

How to find and seal off rat entry points

When did rats become the problem?

In the colder weather or regions there is a high probability of active presence of rodents like mice and rats to sneak into a human occupant building or human dwelling place. It happens because when the temperature falls the rats hungrily search for the perfect place to provide them protection and refuge, and because of it, they can not resist the warmth and heat offered to them at your place. Along with food they also have access to food at your place, which makes rats more likely to invade your place. If picturing this scares you, you would like to take some immediate action. First, you should start by surveying to repair the building entry points.

No one can imagine rodents, of all pests, scurrying and running in their home. Rats and rodents, just like all the other pests, are inevitable guests in human society that easily settles in your home if you do not take proper precautionary measures. But, worry not because this article is going to provide you with every information and supply you require.

You might find rats irksome or even be scared of them because of their unhygienic behavior, but they have far more dangerous potential than that. They are not only carriers of critical diseases but they can extensively harm your property and home. They have this highly contaminated nature built intrinsically, everything they come in contact with becomes homes to diseases along with this, they are species that have the ability to easily corrode any material or wall to make their way.

As sages have always said, prevention is better than cure. So, by taking the precautionary measure initially, you can build a strong foundation to make your property safe from rats or any other pests. And, the earlier you start the more time you will have to examine the root of the cause and clear it once and for all. When you are examining your property you should take special care of the attic and other not easily accessible areas because there is a high probability of rats’ hiding spots. Once you find those areas, take appropriate rodent proofing so you can lessen the threat.

How do rats enter the building?

In summers the rats and rodents are content in the outside environment because of the easily available food and dry climate. But, in the winter things go poles apart and because of the harsh conditions in cold and wet weather, it is hard for them to find food and be warm. In this situation, they welcome any opening they could access and because of their opportunistic nature, they immediately start dwelling and contaminating there. The tell-tale signs of their activities are the trails they leave behind or smearing patterns in the repetitively used routes.

As the rainy season changes into Autumn the environment and the whole weather starts to get colder. Not only cold but there also comes the rain and that drenched atmosphere. Because of this wet and cold environment, the rodents become more lively and actively search for their haven. And, it is also high time for people to look for the signs of rodents nearby their area, and the potential entry points from which they can invade their home or property. And because it is early, one can still manage most of the maintenance requirements for pest removals.

As we move towards the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter we always recommend our customers to thoroughly investigate their homes or just take 15 minutes to walk around their property to ensure everything is intact. By doing this one can identify the possible entry point for the rats which might have entered your house. The signatures are easy to spot, they are broken vents or unfilled holes, any corroded area, or small holes which can be accessible to rodents. In official properties, the signs can be poor fittings of the door or breather holes in the walls. Always be careful and take extra steps before making any physical contact with Rat or any rodent remains. In this situation the best advice would be to just call the expert.

The Common Rat Entry Points

While you are checking the exterior of your house to examine the rat entry points, you should make special attention of –

Examine cracks and breakage in the walls – Check the walls both externally and internally and if you find any holes or gaps fix it with the caulk. You can also use a mixture of steel wool and waterproof seals to cover up the bigger entry points.
Ventilators and ducts– Ventilators can be the safest route for the rodents, cross-check that the vents are securely closed with the metal screening. Properly seal the holes around the ducts and vents.
Gaps and holes in the roof – The roof is the major entry point for the rodents if there is even a slight suspicion of rodent activity in your attic. Have the waterproof seals on the roof and clean the attic with proper sanitation methods.
Dirty or open chimneys – Chimneys can be an even more accessible route than the roof because they can directly lead to the warmth and food the rodents are searching for. Upon that it is a highly dangerous place for you to reach. Please safely clean it and install chimney grates to protect the entry.
Gutters – The nearby gutters can also affect your home and property. Before the winter or rain starts, kindly check in with your area corporation to make sure the gutters are securely sealed off.

Looking for signs to close the Rat Entry Point

The below-given points are the sign to spot the rats’ activity that is commonly looked for as rat entry points-

Scratches or Bite Marks – The scratches and bite marks near and around the holes or gaps are the prominent signs that are checked to locate the rat entry point. The rats are small in size and have a peculiar pattern of their sharp nails when they are trying to make their way. The pattern is similar each time.
Grease Marks – Rats are somewhat greasy and hence they secrete oils that trail behind on the surfaces. It also tells the frequent routes they take for their searching and scavenging. If you spot these greasy oily secretions in abundance immediately get to the action, sanitize that area and locate potential rat entry points and seal them off.
Footprints tracks – Generally rats leave behind the trails of their footprints, but it is not easy to locate with the naked eyes. But, if you are really lucky you can have the access and follow them in their hiding spot hence leading to rat entry points.
Gnawing marks – Rodents and other pests have strong teeth that can gnaw and chew through strong materials, including pipes, stone, cement, plastic, and even bricks.

There are some other rat checkpoints-

  • Poor fitted doors which leaves the gap behind
  • Holes remained  from the old pipes and other construction/ reconstruction activity.
  • A low standard of work done on a recently completed construction 
  • Examine the inside of the drain and search for the signs of digging.
  • Make sure that drain covers are covered properly.

How to Seal Off Rat Entry Points

There are many ways to permanently close the rat entry points, but it depends on where it is located and what method you are using.
  • For closing the gaps you can use a seal and for the open space below the door, you can use weatherstripping or any temporary solution that suits you best. For the cracks in the walls, you can apply caulking, which creates an airtight seal that protects your house. For temporary closing, you can apply Stainless Steel Mesh Wool in the holes because they cannot corrode or eat them.
  • And even if you found one rat entering points, you should check for others. Consequently, seal all the potential entering points for the better protection of the future. As mentioned earlier rodents and rats are very opportunistic animals and have inquisitive nature, they always seek entrance points to infiltrate your living area.
  • By accident, if you caught an infestation, the wise move would be to be away from all the consuming items or food and water resources. Properly sanitize yourself and then thoroughly sanitize your house and be mindful of what you are eating. Because of these dangers and threatening situations, the rats are mostly handled by rat poisons and traps.

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