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How can you eliminate cockroaches from your home permanently?

Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches | ways To Prevent Their Entry

The cockroach is a small, winged nocturnal insect. This insect is a nightmare for many people. They thrive on dirt, filthy, and an absolute uninvited guest. It is not that they just ruin your house by dragging dirt along them, but they can also transmit various diseases. There are various types of cockroaches, but all are nasty in their way. Here, in this article, you will know everything about it and how to eliminate cockroaches.

Why Do Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

Cockroaches like close and dark spaces. These insects are attracted to cracks and corners of your house because of their isolated nature. Cockroaches like to build their nest near water sources or damp areas. This is the only reason they are mostly found in the kitchen and restrooms. To build their nest and to breed attacks on cardboard or old papers. Clutters of paper and destroyed cardboards are proof of Cockroaches.

How Do Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

If you see a cockroach roaming in your house, do not blame yourself for its presence. A cockroach can be present in the most pristine place as well. They are the most savage creatures and know how to make their way. Here are some areas you should check if you are concerned about searching for their ways-
  1. Old Boxes and Cardboards– They love hiding and breeding in old boxes. Mostly they find places where there is minimal mobility or things no one uses much. In their early stages, they are very tiny, and one can easily ignore their presence while carrying things from outside. Keep in mind to always put grocery bags or ordered boxes outside. Thus you will minimize the chance of their entry.
2.  Water pipes and other plumbing services-Because water pipes are always hidden and usually are isolated, there might be a high chance of the presence of cockroaches. It is the perfect spot for them to live and hide. And because of the design of the plumbing service, cockroaches often migrate from one neighbourhood to another. Be careful about the water pipes, and once in a while, inspect your plumbing services to prevent any future inconvenience.
3.  Sewers and drainage systems-Poor sewer and drainage systems lead to the overall poor economy of the city or that particular area. Sewers are dark, musty, and rich with wastage hence, the thriving area of cockroaches. Check your drainage connection and look out for any cracks or damages. This could protect not only your home or property but all the people in your area.

Once Entered, Why is It Difficult To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

  1. Cockroaches are omnivores– which means they can eat all types of food or even food waste. In addition to that, they have a strong sense of smell and taste; hence, they can get themselves alert.
  2. They have a strong immune system– They can survive in the hardest environmental conditions. That is the reason they are also great carriers of diseases because bacteria and viruses do not affect them.
  3. Pesticides Resistant– they quickly produce antibodies against the pesticides and get immune to them. This ability makes it difficult to eradicate. And not once did they develop this resistance multiple times.

They are also very sneaky and fast insects, making them difficult to catch. However, worry not because there are still some methods to get rid of cockroaches.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Permanently?

The first step in eliminating cockroaches from your house is thoroughly inspecting your home. Cockroaches tend to hide in dark and stinky places like kitchens and bathrooms because water and shelter are easily available here. Look out for the following signs of cockroaches-
  • Excretes and faeces
  • Eggs
  • Sheddings of exoskeletons
  • Very pungent smell
Some cockroaches prefer to live in closets like basements and store rooms. These rooms are reasonably high, so cockroaches tend to live near the ceiling. And these cockroaches do not need as much moisture. If they require it, they get it from paper materials like cardboard.

Baits Can Help To Eliminate Cockroaches

Baits are used to catch cockroaches living inside the house or property. Baiting is not harmful to children or pets; hence, they are safe. In addition, this method is better than spraying because it has a higher chance of eradicating all the cockroaches hiding in your house.

There are a few baiting methods you can apply to eliminate cockroaches-

Coffee Grinds act as a strong bait to get rid of the cockroaches. Coffee’s strong aroma lures cockroaches into your trap, and they become weak to escape it.

Borax with Sugar – Borax can be used as a spray to eliminate cockroaches. Sugar attracts it from its hidden space, and its exoskeleton dehydrates when it comes in contact with the borax. Also, borax causes severe damage to their digestion. Hence, This method effectively kills them.

Herbs and Essential Oils- Cockroaches can never get used to the strong smell of Bay leaves or other cooking herbs. You can use it to drive them crazy and leave your home. You can also use essential oils like cedar oil with baking soda and a small amount of borax to get rid of cockroaches.

Cockroach killer sprays- It is an effective way to eliminate them. But first, you have to spray it at every entry point. Spray deeply in the cracks of the walls, and gaps between the furniture, especially around the water pipes. You should always keep in mind that you must locate and kill cockroaches on the spot. Yes, this can take a lot of time, but it’s always handy.

Cockroach Killer Desiccant Dust- It is made up of silicon dioxide that dehydrates the cockroach and makes them easy prey to fall for your trap. You can also use this method around electrical appliances, sinks, tubs, and garbage. The benefit is that it is child and pet friendly as well as environment-friendly. Beware of not using it where you have already used bait or spray because cockroaches will never come to this place again.

But there are a few Problems-

  • Aversion from Bait- It happens when cockroaches do not take what has been offered. Maybe they don’t like the taste of it, or they are already alerted by their senses. You have to check the flavour of the bait you are using for the best results.
  • Resistant to Bait – As mentioned earlier, cockroaches get easily immune to pests and other baits because of their quick adaptability. Be mindful of using different types of baits so you can have more chances of eliminating them.

For a satisfactory result, you should contact a professional or expert in this situation. They are well aware of the behaviour of cockroaches and can easily target them. Also, they can protect you and your family from cockroach infestation.

How To Prevent Cockroaches To Enter Your House

But there are a few Problems-

Seal All The Cracks
Seal all the cracks and entry points you might think cockroaches can enter. Take a special note of holes and gaps. Do full inspection both from the house and outside of the house. Have fitted windows and doors.

Fix The Water Leakage
Leaks can be the most attractive area for cockroaches; that’s why you should fix them right away without any further delay. The more moisturized the area becomes, the more prone it will be to insects. Along with it, be also sure to check sinks, the kitchen, and nearby areas of refrigerators, A.C, and other water-related service appliances.

Keep Your House Clean
Before cleaning the house, start removing the big things and inspect them. Then, Thoroughly clean all the areas, take help to reach the areas which are not easily accessible because chances are more that they can hide there. Then, use a strong solution of phenyl to clean your house and be done with it.

Be Mindful about Food Storage
Cockroaches are invading your house because food can be one of the biggest reasons. You should never put food sources in the open air because not only do they destroy it, but if you happen to consume that food, it can cause you food poisoning, or you can be exposed to other critical health issues. So always remember to keep food in air-tight containers.

Practice Hygiene Habits
Every day clean your kitchen and maintain a healthy hygiene routine. Make your other family members follow the routine, and you will be free of cockroaches. The hygiene routine includes always keeping your space clean and healthy, never leaving crumbles of food, any food waste, and proper disposal of waste. Next, add a protection solution or liquid used to clean the house, and spray the scent of herbals and repellent oil in your home.

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