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Ways to properly use the rat glue traps | Tips to place the rat glue traps

One of the excellent methods to trap rats and mice is using glue traps. However, it is essential to place them well for greater efficiency (or better catch). This blog will help you with how the glue traps work and Tips to place the glue traps. Read on!

Perks of using glue traps

Glue traps from Pest Control Worldwide are humane and non-toxic. We will tell you why in the coming sections. Due to their inexpensive and wide availability, glue traps have become one of the most suitable options for getting rid of rats and mice. No kind of expertise is needed to set them. They are robust and can be used anywhere around indoor and outdoor. You can fold them to any shape allowing the glue trap pads to fit all kinds of narrow spaces.

Special features of our Glue traps:

  1. Strongly adhesive, odourless, ready to use, safe and sticky, great for use in homes, restaurants, bars
  2. The foldable design makes it work better. Mouse glue traps can be used in a variety of places.
  3. The thick cardboard is sturdy, which means it can prevent being dragged away by mice.

Ways to property use the glue traps.

Understand where precisely the rat roams. Place the trap along the rat’s travel paths. Placing your glue traps in some new place, even with bait, will never help you catch any rodents. Remember that rats are super-intelligent beings, and they never go to places that are new to them. Look for signs of rodents such as rat droppings, scratches etc. Those signs will help you find the places with high rat activity. Another point to remember is to cover or tent your glue traps. If the glue trap gets covered by dust, it loses its adhesive properties. These simple steps can enhance your chances of catching rodents.

How to use glue traps to trap and release the rats?

Glue traps are usually seen as an inhumane method of eliminating rats. But in fact, it can also be used as a humane rodent control method. You can always trap and release the rats. After catching the rats, apply some olive oil to lose the adhesiveness and release the rat free in a location 2 miles away from your house. If you plan to release the rats, then make sure to monitor your traps regularly. Keep in mind to never pull the rats away from the trap without disabling the glue.  

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