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How Effective are Plastic Bird Spikes? Plastic Bird Spikes vs Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

How Effective are plastic bird spikes plastic bird spikes vs stainless steel bird spikes

What are bird spikes?

If you live in a city surrounded by tall buildings, you must be well aware of the nuisance caused by birds. They not only damage the aesthetic of the roof and front appearance of your property, but they also carry airborne diseases. Birds can further deteriorate the roof with their droppings. Cleaning their droppings is a painful task to carry out. The birds are also dangerous to the public.

The mentioned reasons led building owners to spend their precious time and money to clean up bird’s mess every year. But don’t worry, the simple solution to this problem is prevention. The idea is to create an environment where no bird or predator can enter their premises and cause harm.

It is, therefore, wise to invest in the bird spikes. The bird spikes are a simple device to install, a low-cost device that keeps the pigeon and other pest birds away from your property. The bird spikes are an effective way to prevent birds from making nests and leaving droppings. Once you have installed the bird spike, it will force the birds to move and find a different location to roost and build a nest. Installing the bird spikes also helps in long-term savings. It saves a lot of manpower and their health.

Basics of bird spikes

The basics of bird spikes installation are easy to understand. The bird spike comes in pre-assembled strips. Spike’s length is around two feet and is placed at the base in the rows of multiples. The multiple rows of Spikes positioned at various angles create a porcupine shape. And, because of its angular shape, no bird came near it. Bird spikes are available in a wide range of lengths, based on the size of the bird. The larger birds have long legs and thus require bird spikes of greater height to be an efficient barrier. Strips arrive in ready-to-install features with adhesives or screws. Also, they are discreet yet require minimum maintenance.

The most remarkable feature of spikes is their humane approach to preventing pest birds. The objective is to install a bird spike to block the birds from reaching the roof and causing havoc without endangering their life. The bird spikes are dull and therefore harmless to the birds. Once they know it is futile to land on the roof, they will turn their back on that place.

Types of bird spikes?

There are two types of bird spikes. First, the plastic one, and the other is stainless steel. Both the bird spikes have their utilisation, which serves as the optimal choice for different customers. It also depends on the requirement of the situation and the customer’s preference.

Stainless steel

The spikes made of stainless steel almost disappear in the presence of sunlight. This effect makes them less observable and does not ruin the beautiful aesthetic of your property. Using stainless steel spikes in business is also a great choice to not draw unwanted attention. In this way, a customer can do his business while keeping birds away. The stainless steel resists rust for a considerable period despite not being rust-proof. It is strong and creates a formal appearance for the viewer. It has a wide surface of seven to eight inches and covers almost the entire roof.


Plastic bird spikes are less costly and have more tensile strength than stainless steel spikes. The plastic bird spikes are manufactured from a strong polycarbonate fabric. This material strength allows the bird spike to resist heavier birds such as raptors and hawks. Additionally, the plastic spikes come in multiple colours. It can be the perfect choice for installation in institutes like schools and parks. If the colours of the bird spikes match your property and compliment your house’s aesthetics, then it is a perfect choice. You might have to do little research and analysis to select the best colour combination.

Which is the best choice- Plastic Bird Spikes or Stainless Bird Spikes?

Both Stainless steel spikes and Plastic spikes are readily available in the market. And due to the presence of a UV-resistant polycarbonate base, they are both UV-ray resistant. The stainless steel spike is durable and has a warranty, which is the main difference between the two. And while stainless steel graciously reduces the visual impact, plastic requires experimenting with various camouflaging colours. The plastic is thicker and more noticeable and might attract unwelcome attention.

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