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Ants are everywhere

At first glance, you might not sense the presence of ants, but they are present everywhere. They can very easily adapt to all extreme conditions and climates. At first, ants are just aesthetically unpleasant if they are found in or nearby property, but they can also create invasive problems by spreading diseases and ruining your home structures. There are more than sixty thousand species of ants in this world and many of them have lived here for billions of years, this gave them strong genes and wide adaptation abilities.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of ants?

The ants are not only varied in species level but they also have high reproduction rates. From a current study, they are reported from every country except the colder places like Antarctica and part of upper Europe. Of all the ant species, Carpenter ants are known to cause the most trouble and damage. The other most common ant species is Pharaoh, they can transmit some very nasty diseases to human beings.
Other than these two species, many species of ants cause natural troubles by biting or stinging and also by infesting food and contaminating the water. Even if ants don’t outrightly invade your home or cause damage to your house they can still make you and your pets very uncomfortable. The above mentions are the reasons why we suggest homeowners look for methods to get rid of ants or start making prevention strategies. The followings are the reasons why it is difficult to get rid of ants-

1. Small Size

The ants are of very small size most of them did not exceed a centimetre. The small size of the ants makes it easy to get away from the attacks of people. They can easily hide or snuck into any service. Some of them are so small you might not even catch them with your eyes.

2. Hard Workers

They are very hard workers, it is well known but they can swiftly overcome any challenges imposed on them. If a person somehow manages to destroy an ant colony or the habitat where they have built a home, they re-establish their home in much less time. Also, the ants that survive the attacks and damages quickly shift to other places and start building homes. Their determination makes it important to have proper ant control on your property.

3. Large Populations

The ants have a high reproduction rate and their population can grow fast. In one of the studies, it has been pointed out that a fire ant colony produces around a hundred new members each day. In two years they produce over one lakh new generations of new ants adding to the previous one. These ants might be present on your property and maybe when you will notice it will be too late. Also, even if you caught ants, it is very difficult to discover the location of their colony.

4. Hard to access Colonies

People who crash the mud hill over or flatten it could believe they have exterminated the colony. The soil layer of an ant hill is merely the top of the iceberg, thus destroying the anthill is unlikely to help eliminate ants. Beneath the antill, there is a labyrinth of cells and passageways that can extend far beneath the surface.

5. Problems With Pesticides

When applying insecticides to get rid of ants, it might be challenging to eradicate ants from massive populations. There is so much population of ants that some ants can easily get away from pesticide fumes. The survivors can then relocate and establish a new colony close by.
Ants reproduce quickly, allowing them to quickly develop an immunity to particular insecticides. In a large population, significant ants will likely be pesticide resistant. Some of these ants may be able to withstand the fumes.

Steps for Effective Ant-Baiting For Household

Create a bait by combining a toxic substance like an insecticide with a food item such as sweets, that attracts an insect pest. Ants, for example, are only attracted to baiting when they encounter bait food while hunting. Ant baits come in a variety of types, ranging from grains that are usually applied outside to jellies and squishy substances that are frequently employed in workplaces, homes, and other places where ant’s presence is active.

It takes several phases for an ant bait to be fully successful. Your goal is to make worker ants to do the following:

  • Catch the bait and taste it
  • Carry a small amount of bait back to their colony to distribute to the queens, new generations, and other workers.
  • Recruit additional workers to go fetch the bait.

You should also make sure of the following criterias for successful ants eradication.

  • Proper arrangement of bait

    The bait should be carefully placed in known areas where the ant’s movements were noticed. You can place it near the cabinets and cupboards. Make sure that the children and pets do not touch the baits. Also, keep bait away from the kitchen or areas where food is stored. The bait can contaminate water and food.
  • Quantity of bait

    Check the quantity of bait before placing it and make sure you always have enough bait by your side. Large colonies of ants have multiple locations to access their colony therefore place the bait at a different location and wait for a few days until there is no sign of ants.
  • Cleanliness

    Baits perform best if no alternative food sources are available to the ants. Maintain cleanliness in these places so that the ants are not diverted from discovering and munching on the bait.
  • Resistance ability

    baits gradually deteriorate and become unusable, especially if exposed to extreme weather, moisture, and sunshine. Examine baited regions for evidence of ant activity and change baits that aren’t appealing to the ants.

How to prevent ants?

  • Remove any food sources, such as sweets, from your premises.
  • Remove all water sources because ants prefer moist environments.
  • Keep your home clean so you can quickly discover and eliminate ants.
  • Keep your yard clean because it is home to the majority of the ant colonies.
  • Block Off all access points
  • Home remedies such as mint, vinegar, lemon juice, and cinnamon have been proven to help keep ants at bay.

Getting rid of ants will require a lot of effort. When faced with this challenge, effort and tolerance are your strongest weapons. If you combine this ability with the right information and techniques, you should be able to overcome your ant-control difficulty. However, contacting us is your best option for getting rid of ants in your house. We’ve been serving the community for decades, and our product has been proven to kill ants. The ant trap has no poison and it can be used for both Indoor and outdoor use.

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