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How to keep bugs at bay this summer? |Pests in Summer

Summers have come!. Everything about this season is truly inviting. And so could be the pests, especially bugs. With the rising mercury, there are high chances of bug infestations in houses around the UK. So how are you planning to keep your homes and surroundings protected from these nasty bugs? We have curated a list of tips that come in handy in keeping these little buggers far away from your homes.

Tips to keep bugs at bay

Look out for warning signs

If you find even one or two bugs roaming around, do not sit back thinking that’s nothing to worry about. Start bug-proofing your house. Look around your house, find their entry points and secure them.

Keep your indoors secured

Bugs can easily sneak through your windows, doors, pipes, chimney and shingles. If you find even a small hole, vent or space, then fill it to avoid pests invading your home through them.

Use fans

Sitting under the fan not only keeps you cool in the summer heat but also prevents mosquito bites. These bugs can easily blow away with a mere wind. So fans can be used to deter bugs,

Try citronella

Citronella is another natural way of keeping mosquitoes away. It’s a herb that can be used as an indoor plant or you can also light a few candles.

Wear clothes made of permethrin

Instead of applying mosquito repellent creams, you can wear permethrin clothes or spray some on your clothes.

Keep your surroundings clean

Make your home less attractive for the pests. Less clutter means fewer chances of bugs to find shelter and breed. Mow your yard and tidy up regularly. Store food in tightly closed containers.

Standing water is a strict NO-NO

Standing water is the reproduction spot for bugs, especially mosquitoes. Wherever you find standing water, remove or tip them as soon as possible.

Use bug repellent products

This method is sure to work. Take a look at our product section to find the best suitable bug control product.

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