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Facts about Rats | Do Steel Wool Rodent Control Work?

Steel Wool Rodent Control

In this article, we will learn about some interesting facts about rats and how to keep them away from our homes using Steel Wool Rodent Control method.

Pesky rats- Why we need to keep away from them.

Rats have been well known to be an unhealthy pest that steals food & spreads disease and is probably one of the most dangerous and filthy household troubles. Surely there is no going around the fact that they give the rodent species a bad name. Even though there are officially more than 2000 types of species, except for a few of them that includes voles, gophers, mice etc the rest are not as globally denounced as rats are.

The common rat aka the brown rat and the black rat also known as the sewer rats are the most common and ill-famed. It would be even ok to say that these are the most notorious household pests.

Here are a few unknown facts about these rats:

Fact No 1: Supersmart Rats

These rats are super smart and therefore can effortlessly infiltrate into your house.

They have very functional brain cells known as “place cells” or “place neurons” that provided them with an incredible capacity to spot areas so that they could steer the best possible rune in and out of your household. They are also able to analyse alternative navigation routes for both the entry as well as exists.

Rats can also visualise the house in their tiny little heads and make a foolproof sketch that helps them to map out different routes towards their food sources.

That is why it is very much essential to guard your house against these pesky rats. A strong-willed rat will easily find a way to the inside of the house even if you secure windows, openings or even holes.

 Steel Wool Rodent Control

Fact No 2: Rats are Remarkably Sharp

Creeping into your household from below or above is not a big deal as far as the rats are concerned. They can also make use of the power wires, cables and even hanging pots and pans to sneak into the house. An attic window or a broken roof also works perfectly 

for the process of infiltration.

The body of the rats is made in such a way that they can easily survive a 30-40 footfall without bearing any severe injuries as they can balance their body weight with their long tails that assist them in maintaining balance and acts as a counterweight.

The tail also works as an additional helping hand that lets them wrap around things for any extra balance. It also makes them super agile whilst expanding their opportunities be it for navigating across a dangerous territory or even climbing poles and walls to sneak into your household.

Fact No 3: Superstrong Rats

Rats even though portray a puny physique, they are a strong little creature that can open cabinets, cupboards, lids, containers and even doors if they are determined. They can also possibly move or lift objects with a similar weight on their bodies. Studies also prove that the rat family can conveniently move around objects as heavy as a one-pound pack of food. Furthermore, these rats are expert sprinters that can leap about 1-2 feet to make it to hard-to-reach areas.

All these points only stress the fact of how fast they can infiltrate into houses and make it dangerous by spreading germs, bacteria and diseases. These astonishingly clever rats with their strong survival instincts.

If you look into the Middle Ages, you will find incidences wherein these rodents played a major role in spreading a plague known as Black Death in Medieval Europe.

Stats state that almost 40-50 million of Europe’s population was wiped out in a few years.

This one incident alone states the harm and dangers these pesky creatures can create in your life. Therefore, anytime you detect a rat or suspect a problem make sure to take the right measures in eradicating them.

Keeping a cat or two is a good idea but to get rid of these rats completely you will need professional assistance who will be able to exterminate these creatures without any hassle.

Prevention is the best and permanent solution- Steel wool rodent control

Blocking them at their entry is the most effective method to get rid of rats. Watch for areas where food is stored, look for holes or cracks and seal them. Check for holes in your walls, electrical entrances, vents, chimneys, doors and gutters. Any gap or holes more than 0.6cms must be sealed. Although rats may not enter through them, they can chew their way through these holes easily.

It is important to seal these spaces with gnaw-resistant materials. Steel wool is a popular material used to plug such holes. Can rats chew through steel wool? Yes, they can but they also tend to stop as chewing steel wool can cause a lot of pain. So steel wool rodent control will certainly work if placed well.

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