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Are Fence and Wall Spikes Effective?

Are Fence and Wall Spikes Effective

Did you know that fence and wall spikes are the most cost-effective way to keep certain pests away from your home? Pests like pigeons, birds, cats, foxes, and squirrels can be a vast menace causing damage to our property. Not everyone loves animals or birds, especially those who can bring damage to the roofs, gardens, and other areas of our property. It’s essential to keep your premises protected and safe. As a home or business owner, you must make sure to create physical barriers around your property to deter these animals or birds from entering. People use various physical barriers, such as barbed wires and broken glasses. Being extremely unappealing, many people have stopped using barbed wires and broken glasses for their property fencing. This is where the fence and wall spikes come into play.

In this blog, we will discuss the effectiveness of fence and wall spikes in deterring birds and animals.

Are Fence Spikes Any Good?

Fence and wall spikes are designed to prevent animals and birds from entering our premises. These act as a physical barrier that blocks these unwanted creatures from entering via the fence or walls. As the name suggests, fence and wall spikes are sharp and pointed metal or plastic spikes that can be easily installed over the fence or spikes.If an animal or bird tries to rest, sit or cross over to your house or building through the fence, then this physical barrier will make them feel uncomfortable or painful. Hence they would deter from attempting again. This is how fence or wall spikes prevent unwanted animal invasion into our properties.

Are Fence Wall Spikes Legal?

The use of fence and wall spikes for deterring animals and birds are generally allowed in the UK. There could be some restrictions to it. According to the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, the spike can be used unless it doesn’t cause any unnecessary harm to the creatures. To be precise, the fence and wall spikes must only deter the animals and birds from entering the house and not harm
them. Also use of anti-climb spikes in certain public areas requires much deliberation. It is always best to check with your local authorities before installing fence and wall spikes. It is important that you install these physical barriers in compliance with the laws and regulations in your locality.

What Are Anti-Climb Spikes?

Fence and wall spikes are also called anti-climb spikes. It also functions as a physical barrier in preventing pest birds and animals. The name anti-climb comes from its function. If any animal or bird intends to sit or uses the wall or fence to climb and enter your premises, then the pointy-sharp end of the spikes can cause pain or uncomfortable sensation to them. There are certain other fence and wall spikes with blunt ends that are more humane because they do not pose any danger to the animals or birds but rather become uncomfortable for them to climb or rest on the structure.

What Is The Best Way To Secure A Fence And Wall Spikes?

Installing anti-climb spikes is really easy. Generally, there are pre-drilled holes in the base of these spikes. One can simply screw them to the surface. Alternatively, fence and wall spikes can be fixed using cable ties, double-tape adhesive tapes, or other strong adhesives. Using these methods, it can be permanently installed on fences, walls, or gates for maximum protection.

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Where Are Fence And Wall Spikes Available?

If you looking for high-quality anti-climb spikes for your home and garden, then you are at the right place. We at Pest Control Worldwide offers anti-climb security spikes that are used ideally to deter pigeons, cats, squirrels, fox, large birds, and other creatures. Our anti-climb spikes have a sophisticated design and are constructed from robust polypropylene, creating an impressive presence.
When securely attached to the top of a wall or fence, its protrusions will effectively prevent climbing and cause discomfort. Our anti-climb spikes can be installed over fences, walls, gates, and window sills. It is easy to install and saves you money and time. Our fence and wall spikes have a blunt top, which means it causes no danger to the animal or bird but only scares them away by causing pain or some uncomfortable feeling. If you are unable to install the anti-climb spikes, then contact a pest control company for help.